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Published: Jun 14, 2016

Nine Integral Members have joined together to respond to the powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Ecuador in April. The death toll was over 650 people, and with around 80,000 people currently displaced living in official camps and temporary shelters, the need for humanitarian assistance is still very high. The cost of reconstruction is estimated to be 3.344 billion dollars (source) ...

Published: May 11, 2016

Extreme weather patterns, caused by a particularly strong El Niño, are causing floods and droughts in many regions of the world, with East Africa particularly affected. An Integral Response was launched on 30th September 2015 for this situation, with ten Members joining together to see how the most urgent needs in Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan could be met. Transform Aid International (Australia) and Food for the Hungry in Ethiopia have since formed a partnership to provide emergency assistance in one the most severely affected regions. Here Anthony Sell, Director of International Programmes at Transform Aid, answers our questions about this collaboration …

Published: Apr 22, 2016

An Integral Disaster Response has been launched for the devastating earthquake in Ecuador ..

Published: Apr 5, 2016

When a disaster strikes, it is too late to stop and work out how to best co-ordinate in the heat of the response. Because of that, eight Integral Members who are ‘early responders’ met in Dublin to explore how they may better work together immediately following a disaster. Jan Eyre, Integral’s Disaster Management and Programme Coordinator, facilitated this three-day meeting (22-24 March 2016) which gathered those who carry out early emergency assessments for their organisations when disaster strikes …